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morning commute. the long awaited vote, the city makes its decision on a controversial spy center. and bright lights, the announcement expected today. the ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is the ktvu channel 2 morning news. we have a live look at the bart train which is now moving out of that area and that's our big story problems for bart and certain stations and areas are closed. alex savage is out at the scene of the investigation which started it all. a person hit and killed on the tracks late last night and we will tell you about that about the investigation and how it is a affecting the morning, room mute, it is wednesday march 5 march 5th, i am pam cook. >> steve, should we leave the
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house with an umbrella. >> you throw one in the back of the car. it keeps them in the north bay and after that, before 5:00 by the evening commute although san jose is not picking up on that and this system is really falling apart. further south, we have couple of 100s. some clouds will sneak in overall it will be a dry day. this sunday steve. cloud cover continues to stream in and we will enhance it and lines the source of our cloud cover and not much to the north, it is beginning to pick up. we are keeping an eye on things. 50s on the temperatures, really mild. , if you have anything you need
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to do, then after that, some of that rain will slide north, 60s to near 70s, here is steve. let me show you, this is along the union city, fremont station. now if you want to catch one, you could go to fremont but i would recommend going over to the bay fair station which will get you into the city. there is a big traffic jam because of problems on the actual fremont line so if you go up to dublin trait into the city that will make your traffic a lot better across the
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city to san mateo. bay bridge is getting more filled in and we are seek an early backup now 20 minute drive time which may have something to do with the bart interruption and now let's go back to the breaking news about bart. there are no trains running due to an vex gays. alex savage will not be cleared. track do ream main closed and they are still investigating and you can see some of the folks who are out here on the tracks right now. we are in hayward near industrial parkway and this is where that person was struck and killed by a train we are told the victim is a man who
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has not been identified, he was hit by the train just before 11:30 and that train was headed north approaching the south headed station. the train involved had 44 passengers at the time. all of them are injured and they were put on to a train and taken a pay. they don't know how they ended up on the tracks which is what they are investigating at this point but they are fenced in. this section of track through hayward could be closed for some time and we are told pie bart police they have been out here for many hours that they would like to watch the tracks and they will wait until the sun comes up and do a bit more investigating out here at this
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scene but they are hoping to have the tracks opened up as soon as possible. live in hayward, ktvu channel 2 morning news. people are arriving at their usual bart steaks only to find it has closed and fremont station a. >> it is a little stressful because i have to get to work at 6:00 a.m. and now i have to find an alternate route but you do what you got to do. >> no bus bridges being offered to riders this morning and from what we understand, there are those affected by the bart line and take it to a bay fair station. there is a mobile ktvu channel
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2 morning news and noble and you can following us for the latest updates and the latest on this developing story. we have more on a hate crime attack on a transgender student. the student who said he was sexually assaulted by three boys now admits he made up the whole story. they don't know the reason for the lay but the student could face charges and it could be a wakeup call. >> we have individuals who get confronted every day with unwelcomed responses and we need to look into that. >> just last month, they overwhelmingly approved a vote of no confidence and that vote
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came for lack of safety on the campus which led to fights and arrests. meantime, they are filling the heated bee bait of its kind and gives them the right to show which school about rooms -- which school bathrooms they will use. they may exploit this hoax to promote their political agenda and others are trying to appeal this new law. mayor jean quan is approving a vote. >> boo, boo. >> and the item passes. well critics of the wear necessary center blasted last night's decision which created the 24 hour emergency decision
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including dalles convey lense systems in and in an attempt, it is the port of oakland and not the entire city. right now there are dueling petitions about the gun club. now it is located on redwood road which is located inside the regional park. some neighbors say it is distract be and should not be part of the experience. right now the petition to remove it has 249 signatures and needs 300. with enough signatures they may not renew the lease but they have 3200 signatures and they need 4,000.
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israeli prime minister prime minister benjamin netanyahu will be here. he met monday with president barack obama and later today mr. prime minister benjamin netanyahu is meeting with governor jerry brown am and they will meet to talk about expanding alternate reading am and they are experiencing apple and what is that? they may continue to illuminate the bay bridge and they were supposed to disappear but tara moriarty tells us about a plan to keep the led lights shining. >> reporter: they actually create dance being patterns as you may have noticed and. these 25,000 shimmering lights were installed one year but they are going to stick around
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for at least another decade and that's thanks to the organization called bay life. they will be raising $12 million to keep the bulbs burning from 2014 to 2026. >> [inaudible] >> but you admit they are gone? >> definitely [inaudible] >> reporter: they say they plan to secure a permit but many have seen a boost in business. they marked the debute to show people what it would be like without the lights. ktvu channel 2 morning news tara moriarty. there are complaints about winter spare the air days and that's the most and the 6th year that they have led the
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list. contra costa was second, santa clara was third, sonoma 4th and there were 30 fair the air days between the first and the end of last month. searching for the attacker of a woman on a popular walking trail of fremont. the description of that suspect and the people they have not heard about. which schools may be at risk, we will explain. good morning, we are looking at a drive that may be more crowded and we will tell you what is going on and how long it's likely to last. those skies are crowded with cloud and what about rain? it is moving this far south, if so how much? ♪
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. welcome back, more information coming in about a burned body. richard fang was found on 34th avenue. this was the same apartment complex where suzanne was found last month during a home invasion probably. suzanne was richard fang's aunt. she owned the building and he was the property manager. they are accepting an offer from facebook to create a newly
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created facebook. they will pay for three years to fund that police officer position. there is an option to extend that gift for an extra two years. they will be working with facebook. >> i hope there is jurisdictionings about what is possible and now the police chief says the social media giant put no conditions on its offer and they will work in facebook's neighborhood and he or she will not be the facebook cop. happening today, a lawmaker for spaulding is filing a claim and it happened on december 21
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december 21st. 17 days later her body was found in a stairwell. they are seeking an unspecified amount of money. how many children are vaccinated on school campuses. schools marked with red docks. all corn why is -- california is providing an opt out possibility for parents who doesn't want to immunize their children. there is a right away to handle it and a wrong way to handle it. and we experienced the wrong way to the highest degree. >> now 21-month-old morgan west
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off died nothing a procedure seed during in oakland. there is a barrage of male. 2 investigates looks into morgan's case and at the hospital what is being done about it. president barack obama traveling this morning to connecticut to call on congress to raise the medical manipulate mum wages. the governor also asks state lawmakers to raise it higher to $10 and 10 cents per hour and that's in line with what president barack obama wants and he wants them to raise the federal minimum wage from $5.00
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to $10 and has become a star on the yet net. alllat sunday. he put on his uniform and went outside to cheer on the runners and the runners started to detour onto the sidewalk to personally shake his hand and thank mr. belfiore his service to the country. the run was in honor of pat hill map and now on this channel as well. and people are just tuning in, up need to hear what sal has to say before you leave. bart has three stations that are not open on the fremont line. we just put up the bart map which you can get at g.o.
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v which is is their website, and so what i would do is i would recommend to you to use to get on to bay fair -- do we have them? >> they moved the train. >> is bart service up? >> [inaudible] >> okay, i am getting notice from my desk they are making progress, go to bay fair and we will let you know more about that. 508 westbound is moving along relative live well and has been better than the last few days. i want to mention the traffic on them and we don't see any direct impact, it is a 20 minutes delay right know are
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tarp -- right now and 20 minutes drive time until san francisco which is normal. it will not a big crowd. so far no this ways of rain. cloudy rain north bay by noon or early afternoon and then late this evening overnight rain will move south, it is not a big system and there are advisories to the north and bark is worse than its bite and they are out of their viewing area. cloudy, rain to the north an up in the mendocino county and lake county and we get a break and sunday looks like another day when the system moves in
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and san jose, there should be another system advanced so the system will move up and they are up towards men seen tow seen know. all of that cloud cover is streaming over us and it equals a cloudy day again, it is all mild and they are 15 days out and i am getting ahead of myself and temperatures will be until the 50s to start and near 70 for some. in the valley up north, humboldt county and if you are watching us, almost everything will be am helping us.
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we will have our cloud cover by this evening and moving north overnight it will fall apart as the system moves south. temperatures today, low-to-mid 60s to the north upper 60s to the south and maybe near 70s for morgan hill and gilroy. clear being out, it looks nice, here to is 7 70s -- and we have 70s. play station 4 went on sale in japan last month and has been available since november and sales could ramp up as big new games launch this month. they are offering an updated cheaper version of its streaming stick. it is a thumb drive media streamer which sells for $50 and a half the cost which also
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comes with a remote control and users access the new channel store and that means we can get netflix and amazon businesses. they are stopping the hijackers from carrying out their plan and they have a message behind this critically acclaimed movie. also a teenage girl sues her own parents for lack of support. a judge decides whether mom and dad has to pay for her expenses after she moved out.
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. they have released a list of tacks tell lynn -- tax delinquents. the north bay wellness group marketing of fremont, each have 900,000 and total overdue a half billion dollars. there will be changes made to the scholastic test. those who administer the sat, say there will be changes and they are upgrading and the
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changes will be in effect in 2016. this is a case making  national news a teenager in new jersey is suing her parents for support. she asked for immediate assistance including paying her tuition, her living expenses and her college tuition but a judge yesterday rejected the teenagers' request. >> she is being steered down the wrong area and it is killing us. >> rachel's parents said she voluntarily moved out and into her best friend's home because she didn't want to obey her parents' rules anymore. and around the world, today marks the first day of lent, ash wednesday and it is a season of prayer leading up to easter. many give up something during lent and other activity, and
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many are holding ash wednesday's services. he hit the jackpot after stealing a lottery machine from agrees are you store but it might not be the payout he was looking for. we are live here where a large amount of people are forming after huge delays on bart and we will tell you how this may impact your commute coming up. good morning, we still have slow traffic and we will tell you more about the routes that are still crowded this morning.
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. welcome back, we are ringing the opening bell in new york there, and after a very big day yesterday, triple negative breast cancer
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awareness day bringing attention to the need for mammograms and early testing for women. that is an organization that raises awareness and they are opening up and we will bring you more coming up. thank you for joining us, it is already the middle of the week, i am dave clark. >> time now 6:31 steve has a look at the weather today. >> i do indeed, we have cloudy skies, plenty to go around 50s for many, we have clouds all day long, rain moves south by 3:00 and the focus is on the north bay and after that, we may have a dicey evening commute home. ride home may be tough but the system falls apart by 5:00 a.m. put tomorrow is looking mostly
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sunny and warm. then we move ahead, two-thirds of an inch but a couple of 100s and lots of cloud cover, that is a system moving and it is moving north and that's when we have heavier rain and some rain is beginning to pick up, not much more us and there in layla lies the forecasts and they will stay with a lot of cloud cover and some rain coming in but unless you are in the north bay it will not be in for a while. some rain to the north, upper 60s to near 70s, here is sal. we will look at some pictures here. the bart police scene because of the fatal investigation, it was cleared about ten minutes ago and bart crews are still working and delays are still
6:33 am
expected and train are not moving just yet. we had an early back up and it is about a 30 minute drive time into san francisco. and again, just to put it on the map for you, if you want it get into san francisco, the best way to do it is to go to the bay fair station and take a train and that would be the best way while the bart police appears to be wrapped up and riders are still that that they are approaching the platform as we speak. >> reporter: as we approached shortly after 6:00 this morning we saw a lot of bart passengers trying to get on a train and
6:34 am
really not knowing what to expect this morning as we go to the video you can see some of the passengers on the platform, we saw a lot of confusion and we saw a richmond bound train, we awe people who are not adding any investigations. and we spoke with them and here is what they had to say. >> it is completely inn clean yen. -- inn convenient. it is something with bart. >> nobody can get to work, people are relying on bart. >> now again, you can use alex savage and the police investigation wrapped up about 10 or 15 minutes ago. we have not heard that but many
6:35 am
bart passengers are keeping it updated as well. >> if you are headed out of the door, we will continue to cover the bart delays on our mobile ktvu channel 2 news app and we will follow all of our reporters on this developing story and we will check in with alex savage for the latest on the investigation into the deadly crash that started the delays. 1,000 gathered to remember a popular 8th great student. jenna was trying to get more money because they are stunned by the tragic loss of a young
6:36 am
girl who meant so much to is a many. jenna's funeral is set for friday morning. >> time now 6:35 a safety warning for everybody who issued a popular trail and she said she was aggressively groped at the regional trail near interstate 880. he passed behind her. that man is described as a man with mark mustache and beard and he was -- black mustache and beard. a man broke into agrees are you store last weekend and stole a vending machine filled with lottery tickets. state lottery released these imageels from a height of on
6:37 am
saturday. they show a man with a mask pushing out and it was was missing tickets and those tickets have been flagged. the light sculpture, they were supposed to disappear after a two year run. they are talking about a plan to keep those lights shining. tara? right now the sun is cooling town and 275 of it them and they were supposed to stick around for one year only but now that. to the group and organizers for this largest world light sculpture, they will continue to stick around for another
6:38 am
decade. it is called bay light and they are they interest interesting in seeing a 10% increase since the lights went up. he often sees tourists and he said the bay lights will payoff. >> it makes it majestic. it is beautiful, it is just beautiful. >> reporter: that would mean more money in your pocket, probably. >> yes, more money for us and more money for the city too. >> reporter: it shows it comes through. and then the brim go are will go dark for ten minutes to see what the lights will be like without them to see if people
6:39 am
would miss them. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. also happening today, the israeli prime minister is in the bay area, bennett christain university and technical leaders are talking about business opportunities this morning. janine de la vega joins us to tell us why the prime minister has interest here. well, we are here at the computer minute stir. he will help california partner with israel in business and trade and this is video of prime minister benjamin netanyahu earlier when he met with president barack obama monday on washington d.c. and he was there to prepare a documentary. he will meet with them to
6:40 am
promote trade and they will include agriculture technology and have a meeting with what is at founder to somebody who found it. there is also a high concentration of start ups in israel and in about an hour a group of peaceful protesters are starting to show up this meeting will take place at 10:00 a.m. -- 10:00 a.m. google glass is not even for sale yet and already some businesses are rewriting their rules about google glass and why some of the new rules may
6:41 am
surprise you. bart police has wrapped up their debtly trash. we are tell you what bart is saying about reopening this section of track. the commute is a little bit busier now and some people have been taking the freeway and in the south bay, traffic is beginning to get slow and we will tell you where. gray skies, temperatures, what about rain, i will tell you more coming up, ecuelle explain this. every day nonstop news.
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. welcome back, we want to update you on breaking news, bart is inspecting the tracks where a man was killed last night. three stations are still closed and long delays are expected because of that investigation. alex savage, you are just below the accident scene in hayward. >> yes he told me we are right along industrial parkway and this is where last night's crash took place and this is where a man was hit and killed by a bart train. we have however seen a few workers out here on the tracks
6:45 am
and it is possible there could be some cleanup going on as well. this is between union city and south and hayward situations. the coroner as not been here approaching the south hayward station. they had 11 passengers on board at the time and none of them were injured. all of them were injured at the time and they were put on to other trains. bart police say they do not know how the victim wound up on the tracks. >> there was a trespasser and no indication and there is
6:46 am
evidence. >> reporter: somebody came in and moved the train away from the scene herein involved in last night's crash but again we are not seeing any train between union city and south hayward station and that's because there are some workers up on the tracks right now and it would seem many inspections are on the track but there is still some work to be done before. if you are taking bart this morning, please expect there will be delays. we will have more on the bart delays and will throughout the morning. you can also follow us on twitter and facebook and our reporters will have the latest on this developing story. they are searching for the people who tied up a woman in
6:47 am
her 80s. it was known as a quiet neighborhood before this week. she was sound a leap. they then tied her up and and made off to a woman's house and they are trying to figure out if they are connected. they are now banning google glass. they now have a sign saying the high tech eye wear is not allowed. it was after a customers had google glass and refused to take it off after it made others feel uncomfortable. >> it is the establishment we
6:48 am
choose not to serve people who have this sort of thick going on. >> somebody grabbed her google glass right off her face and then stole her am purse and cell phone and that bar also bans google glass now. am and 9/11 hero will be shown. the film the rugby player, he was one of the passengers to storm the cockpit in flight 93. he was known for standing up for his principles. he hopes it will inspire people to fight for equal rights for all people. now the film will be shown tomorrow night. it will also be shown saturday
6:49 am
at the at 5:00 p.m. let's see what is and coming up on mornings on 2. the new bay bridge at risk. we have learned the specific reason why rainwater is causing huge headaches for the new eastern span. and why the mexican restaurant chain could have a shortage of guacamole all because of change. we'll can explain why this could be a story for the morning news. 6:49 hopefully somber news recording bart? >> yes, well, the better news appears they are making progress with this investigation and still readvice riders to go to the bay fair steaks here to take a
6:50 am
train into san francisco south of hayward closed no bus bridges and rideers are going to be full and because of the bart troubles we see people up there on the platforms and trains up there are moving to the station. people are driving into san francisco and more people it seems, the pack up into san frap sister. and traffic is okay getting into caster valley. let's go to steve. thank you sal. >> all right, good morning. thank you everybody for the well wishes. we are back on track. we had a lot of cloud cover and some rain, and the system bares
6:51 am
more but northern sonoma, there will be another system coming in on saturday. saturday appears to be the best day of the week unless something changes. not a lot to this system, and they have something more but around here we are looking for a 10th of an never to a quarter and some may fall into about 6:00. this system right there racing to the north, i think we will enhance it, the breeze will pick up and there is a little bit offshore beginning and for the afternoon and evening 50s on your temperatures here and 56. santa rosa san jose, livermore
6:52 am
also at 53 degrees. cloud cover, up there has anybody seen the sun, i have not seen much at all. and another day of cloudy skies, northern sacramento valley, our reek, and -- eureka and other advisories, 55 ukiah, and for those of you watching this down in la jolla some rain coming in and i had oakly napa, dinesh why -- dinesh morgan hill, redwood city, upper 60s to near 70 degrees and we will have some rain and it's warm on friday and saturday, and then rain. >> he just has to bring in la
6:53 am
jolla. >> delmar, i hope you would think about that. time now 6:52. they found gold coins found on their property. the question is whether they get to keep the $10 million discovery. >> some of your home base are getting killed. there is more on his work on helping kids in the east bay. allowing inspiration to follow. ♪ [ dad ] looks pretty good, right? [ girl ] yeah. [ male announcer ] switch to u-verse and add a wireless receiver today. ♪
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. welcome back, we are taking a live look at the big board and we are expecting a slightly higher day and we are down just about 10 points. it is a little bit of a disappointing reaction to the job's report that came out and the monthly government job that came out, that will be an important one. another california couple got good news about the coins they found. they date back as far as the mid-1800s. there was speculation that they may have come from a theft at the u.s. mint building and if
6:57 am
it were true that would be confiscated. there is no parent link and the coins will be auctioned off in late may and early june and they will donate some of the profits and they will allow them to keep their property. only on 2, an interview with martian lynch, the home grown sports crew, he rarely speaks to the media but he spoke to us. he spoke about the incredible highs and lows in his life. growing up, lynch saw friends killed starting when he was only five years old. he started family first foundation. >> i just hope i can give them a sense of hope, something to believe in, something to have faith in.
6:58 am
>> lynch holds a football also college with a degree in social welfare. we have been following this and it's cause going huge delays to try to get into san francisco this morning. also the spy center, the tie breaking center and the emotional reaction to mayor jean quan's decision, stay right here with us.
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>> reporter: good morning. confusion and frustration here in san leandro at the bayfair b.a.r.t. as we head into the heart of the morning commute. when service will be up and running after a police investigation. and some people take the car when b.a.r.t. is not working properly. we're watching the freeways to make sure that traffic doesn't get to be out of hand. we'll let you know the alternate routes. a transgender teenager recants a story about a bathroom account at hercules high school. the charges that teen could now face. >> reporter: $12 million to keep the bay bridge lights burning for another ten

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